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The moorland  and highland of Britain provides the visual stimulus which motivates and informs my paintings.  The rich colour and texture of the land is enhanced by a unique quality of light and the atmospherics of seasonal wind and weather.

The paintings reflect the close contact I've had with the land through fell running in all conditions , day and night!

It is interesting to explore how the colour and texture of paint and the many ways of applying it to make a surface can relate to the colour and texture of wild land.The paintings are created using many applications of soft glazes over expressive, gestural marks.Their colour, texture and gestural timbre aim to resonate with the vitality of the land as well as the timeless sense of numinous beauty ancient land can evoke.

Dark land and diffused light are key notes of the imagery.


IMG_4318 (4).jpg

Dark spring at Burbage Moor

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